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Marketing FAQ

It is a complete Done-for-You marketing that grows your revenue.

It embodies the strategies you need to build authority, stand out, attract your ideal clients/investors, and convert them from visitors into paying clients, without ads

The STAND OUT Marketing Method has a 4-step process:

  1. Position your brand
  2. Amplify your online presence 
  3. Resonate with your ideal customers 
  4. Build your conversion funnel to turn attention into ROI

We provide different services surrounding your business growth, from building your conversion funnels (website) to your brand identity and positioning, marketing, SEO, copywriting, growth strategies, and consultation.

We provide you with an all-inclusive, done-for-you service to grow your tech business and double your revenue.

Every business has a unique problem that we solve, therefore every project has a custom quote. 

However, to give you an idea, investments starts from $5,550+VAT and go up from there depending on scope, timeline and complexity of the project. Find out more about our investment plans on our Pricing page.

We recommend chatting with us about your requirements so we can provide a unique quotation based on what you need. 

Our quotes are based on the work, time, and skills required to match your desired results.

Typically 4 to 8 weeks from the day payment is made. However, how much input you can provide during the initial stages, your availability with feedback – all this affects the speed of completion. 

Yes! We don’t believe in providing generic strategies and solutions to our clients. So every system and strategy we craft is created specifically for your desired result

Yes, we are. Depending on the type of project, and timeframe required, we’ll create a monthly custom package for you.

Yes, we an build only your website as part of your marketing asset, if you require such.

Every website is custom quoted, so it’s hard to give out standard pricing

To provide an idea of the investment costs, our pricing starts from $3,100+VAT, and go up from there depending on scope, timeline and complexity of the project.

We recommend chatting with us to discuss your specifics, goals, needs, and requirements so we can provide a unique price.

I’d love to tell you how great our service is, how our clients always see results and ROI, and all the great testimonials we have

But would you agree with me that telling you all that won’t help you 

And we should spend our time on what helps you, getting results?

We don’t compete on price; we compete on value and results.

General FAQ

Payment is to be made via:

  • Stripe
  • ACH transfer for US residents (USD),
  • Faster payments (FPS), Bacs and CHAPS payment for UK residents (GBP),
  • And PayPal 

For most projects, 70% payment must be made at the start of the project, with the balance paid before the site goes live. You can also choose to pay 100% upfront for more convenience.

You need to sign a contract & pay upfront to reserve your spot in my calendar, and give ease of mind to both you and I.

Yes, you do. We only accept and work with 2 clients per month. This ensures we give each clients our utmost attention.

During the application process, you’ll answer a few questions, which will determine if we can help you or not.  If we won’t be able to help you, we will let you know. We reserve the right to select who we work with. 

We work with clients all across the globe.

If we are honest, a lot of our clients are from different parts of the world.

If you have the time and technical knowledge, you can!

However, without the technical knowledge (eg marketing, selling techniques, copywriting, branding, positioning, to name a few), you’ll get a sales system that doesn’t work.

What happens is, when you choose to do it yourself, you pay a lot of money to the platform you choose, and when you need to do more or scale, which you can’t do there, while getting zero results, you’ll pay all over again to have a custom sales system and strategy built that you can grow with. That means wasted time and money.

Simply fill and submit the form on our consultation page or reach us through our social media.

Double your revenue in weeks, not months

Become your dream clients’ first choice.

Thought leading marketing agency

Thought leading marketing agency

Thought leading marketing agency

Double your revenue

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