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Making your tech brand the preferred choice

Building and scaling a tech business is hard.

Standing out, differentiating your product/service, getting your ideal clients to notice you among the competition, and converting this attention to sales is even harder.

Still, you can achieve all of these without spending a dime on ads through our STAND OUT marketing method.

We achieve this by partnering with you to create strategic branding, web design, content, and strategies that helps you grow your revenue

You’re a tech business struggling to stand out in your industry and grow your revenue 

🚫 Clients are selective
🚫 Competition is high
🚫 Ads don’t convert

If only you could get the attention of your target audience, you could:

✅ Double your revenue & profitability
✅ Stand out and build authority
✅ Generate leads consistently
✅ Save more money and time
✅ Retain clients for longer

The Enigma Behind Valdoraer


My Story

2 years ago, I was a random girl who had no no idea what she wanted to do; but I had a love for creativity, design, tech, and writing.

I dreamed of traveling the world and sipping wine on a balcony in Paris, while planning my next trip to either Greece or Barcelona. My appreciation for the great outdoors was born from my introverted nature, though wanting to see the world from another lens.

Unfortunately, my 9-5 would not allow me the luxury to live the life of my dreams. 

I joined a tech academy in 2022 to hone my skills in website design, where I graduated as the Overall Best Student, Best Website Design Student, and Leader of the Best Team Project.

This changed the trajectory of my journey, as I birthed Valdoraer from my bedroom after quitting my job.

Now, I define what success is to me and to other tech businesses. Success is sometimes as simple as going after your dreams in uncertain times. Helping you achieve your dreams in your business is central to how I define the success of Valdoraer.

When I’m not building and growing tech businesses, I’m sitting by the beach, listening to music, or fighting with my pet dog, Doja.

Enigma Okoto

Enigma Okoto



Project/Thesis Writer


Technical Adviser

Sales System that Gets You Results

We don’t just build, we equip your Sales System to get you the results you want, leading to high conversions and sales.

Our Sales System is custom designed with a focus on your ideal client, their needs, and aligned with your ability to fulfill those needs; increasing your sales and revenue.

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Sign More Clients Online

Your websites looks nice, but is it closing sales?

Your business needs a bespoke website that generates leads and close sales without you being present. 

Earn more with a bespoke website that boosts your business growth.

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Help tech founders double their revenue without spending a dime on ads through our STAND OUT marketing method

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